NTT TX Corporation

WOL controller "MC3000"

A dedicated MagicConnect device that can turn on the power of your office PC.

MC3000 in Use

Turn on your office PC from outside the office and get started!

  • Turn on your office PC from outside the office with MC3000!
  • After starting up your office PC, remotely access your work projects
  • Once you're finished, shut down your office PC remotely
*Your office PC will keep showing the log on screen.

Benefits of MC3000

  • POINT1

    Big energy savings from keeping
    your PC off when not in use!

  • POINT2

    Better business continuity from
    being able to power on your office PC in emergencies!

Key features

  • Most offices only need one MC3000.

    One MC3000 can handle up to 100 office PCs or servers.

  • You can power on office PCs on different network segments.

    Routers and L3 switches need to be able to handle directed broadcastsClick to show details.

  • When power is restored after an outage,
    MC3000 powers on automatically.


Network 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-TX / 1000 BASE-T
Dimensions & weight 43 mm (height) x 165 mm (width) x 190 mm (length) / 1.3 kg (weight)
Power consumption & supply 17.6 W (max) / AC100–240V
Operating temperature 0℃–40℃
Electrical Safety Certification Standards
  • PSE
  • RoHS, Energy Star, ErP
Usage requirements
  • MagicConnect User Agreement required.
  • Office PC and server compatibility with "WOL (Wake On LAN) functionality"Click to show details required.
  • Ability to log into Windows OS required after office PCs/servers are powered on.
    (Not compatible when a BIOS password is required)