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MagicConnect's advantages

MagicConnect boasts the No. 1 market share! Here’s why… MagicConnect's advantages

Secure authentication

Blocks unauthorized access to your office PC through multi-factor authentication that requires hardware-specific information and digital certificates, in addition to a username and password.

Multi-factor authentication prevents unauthorized connections.

Fully minimizes the risk of data leaks

Data leaks are prevented with a file transfer prevention feature that ensures that data files on the office PCs and servers can never leave the office.

Data files on office PCs and servers can never leave the office.

Block virus infections

Only the registered remote operation application can be used on MagicConnect's encrypted communication channel. Viruses cannot use this channel, which means they cannot infect the office network.

No office virus infections.

Shuts out snooping attempts

Uses a communication method whereby only users can call up screens on office PCs, so any third parties, including the service providers, are unable to view your office PCs.

No third parties are able to view your office PCs.

Simple setup

Just install the program on your office PC and setup is complete. Omit any extra tasks for users or administrators since MagicConnect can be used without any changes to firewalls or other existing system settings.

Easy set up for the office PC in just 3 minutes.

Completely user friendly operation

User feedback has been incorporated into a design that is easy to use for all. In particular, the "virtual mouse" feature allows PC-like screen operation even from iPhone, iPad, and Android device.

Flexibly choose any
combination of connections

MagicConnect allows various connection configurations, including a 1:1 connection between your remote device and office PC and N:1 connections between multiple users simultaneously accessing Windows server.

Various connection configurations allowed, such as N:1 connections between multiple users simultaneously accessing a shared office server.

Stable service trusted by customers

A proven track record of zero unintended service interruptions since the service began in 2004. Furthermore, our broad user base includes customers large and small from government offices to all manner of businesses.

Broad user base including government offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, factories, and others.