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Structure and administration functions

MagicConnect is designed with high security features

Using HTTPS protocol, the same as with a web browser, MagicConnect communicates from programs on your remote device and office PC to the MagicConnect server.

The server acts as a relay for connections by each program to establish an encrypted channel for all communication.

Operation commands are sent to the office PC and screen data is sent to the remote device along this encrypted channel using remote desktop.

Excellent User Management! MagicConnect Management Feature

Account managers and users can easily manage and organize accounts using the administration functions accessible from a Web browser.

  • User management

    Account manager

    Change user passwords, restrict connectable networks and devices, allow/prohibit saved passwords, and more.

    If a device is lost, connection from that viewer can be blocked!

  • Security

    Account manager

    Restrict networks that can access administration functions.

    Prevent unauthorized third-party connections!

  • Access history

    Account managerUser

    You can check connection history (connection start/end times, source address, etc.) for each user.

    You can check the usage activity of users!

  • Grouping

    Account managerUser

    With intuitive operations, make changes to connection configurations for remote devicesマウスをのせると詳細が表示されます。 and target PCs.マウスをのせると詳細が表示されます。 For users, settings are view-only.

  • Change password

    Account managerUser

    Account passwords can be changed.