NTT TX Corporation

MagicConnect in use

Transform the way you work! MagicConnect is perfect for these situations

Greater productivity through
mobile work

Tie up loose ends at work during spare moments outside the office

Finish reports and other loose ends while outside the office using your tablet, eliminating the need to go back into work.
Take care of requests for approval and other work from outside the office and cut down on overtime and transportation costs.

Make diverse work styles through

Duplicate your office PC environment at home!

Pick up unfinished projects right where you left off and get work done from home during your busy season.
Provide options for workers taking care of children or family members at home.

Business continuity when
you can't get to the office

Minimize impacts on your business and avoid work interruptions!

Deal with train stoppages, pandemics, and other threats to business continuity by using telecommuting to get work done as usual.

Remote maintenance

Remotely access IT systems that you maintain and
shorten downtime when system trouble occurs!

Remotely obtain accurate information on systems that you maintain in any part of the country. Ensure speedy responses even when handling system trouble.