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Using Bluetooth keyboards (with iPhone/iPad)

Requirements for using a Bluetooth keyboard with iPhone/iPad

Operation Environment iOS 7 or later
Bluetooth keyboard
(with operation verified)
Apple Wireless Keyboard (JIS) (MC184J/B)
Software keyboard
(with operation verified)
iOS standard keyboard

Important notes

  • It will be necessary to pair the device and the Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Data input under other usage conditions may not work as expected.
  • The following keys cannot be used:
    F1–F12, fn, eject (the ▲ key in the upper right), and かな, 英数 (if you are using a Japanese language keyboard)
  • The following keys can be only be used in combination with alphanumeric characters (e.g., control+C). They cannot be used on their own.
    caps, shift, control, option (alt), command
  • The repeat key function (by holding down a key) cannot be used.
  • Duplicate keys on either side of the keyboard cannot be given independent functions.
    (e.g., both the left and right shift keys operate like the "left shift key")
  • Simultaneous input from the Bluetooth keyboard and virtual mouse is not supported.
  • Simultaneous input from the Bluetooth keyboard and software keyboard is not supported.