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How to Make Small Characters and Icons Larger


When using a remote device with a high-resolution display via MagicConnect, characters and icons may be very small in size.

In the settings for the MagicConnect Viewer program, you can increase the size of characters and icons.


Step 1

Start the Viewer program on the remote device.

Step 2

Click the Settings button.

Step 3

Click Settings under Remote Desktop.

If the Settings button outlined in red is not present,
please upgrade to the latest version of the Viewer program.

Step 4

Check Increases magnification of displayed texts and icons, outlined here in red, and click OK.

“Increases magnification of displayed texts and icons” and
“Use all my monitors for the remote session” cannot be used at the same time.
The resolution can be adjusted.

Step 5

Close the Viewer program and reboot.

This completes the steps.