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Using MagicConnect with a User-Specified Screen Size


When using MagicConnect (with default settings) to open a Remote Desktop connection,
full screen display is enabled on the remote device, regardless of the Target PC's screen resolution.

You can specify a different screen size for MagicConnect in the MagicConnect Viewer program settings.


Step 1

Start the Viewer program on the remote device.

Step 2

Click the Settings button.

Step 3

Click Settings under Remote Desktop.

If the Settings button outlined in red is not present,
please upgrade to the latest version of the Viewer program.

Step 4

From the Resolution pull-down menu, choose the screen size and click OK to finish.
(Full Screen is the default setting.)

Under Resolution, if you choose Custom, you can set a specific screen height and width within the range of 200-8192.

This completes the steps.