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Client Program Updating Steps

Getting Started

These are the steps for updating to the latest version of the Client program for the target PCClick to show details.

* These are steps for "USB type" and "Terminal Authentication type."
If you are using "Mobile type," please execute steps here.

Important notes

  • Regarding the Client program for the "MC3000" WOL controller, please use it (without updating) in its initial configuration at time of shipping.


Step 1

Logon to the PC that client program has been installed with administrator privileges user.

Step 2

From the Start Menu, open All Programs (or All apps).

  • If "MagicConnect2.0" is displayed, please go to Step 3.
  • If "MagicConnect2.0 (2)" is displayed, please stop the procedures and follow the steps on this page.
  • If none of the above is displayed, please check that client program is installed properly.

Step 3

Download the setup program.

Setup program
Latest version:7.0.r2

*The version information can be found at settings screen of viewer program.

Step 4

Double click on the "mcclient20_setup.exe" file you downloaded.

Step 5

Click "Next."

Step 6

Read the License Agreement, select "I accept…," then click "Next."

Step 7

Click "Next."

Step 8

Click "Next."

Step 9

Click "Install" to begin the installation.

Step 10

From the Setup Wizard screen, click "Finish."

Step 11

Last, restart the target PC.

After restarting the PC, check that the flame icon ( or ) is displayed in the task tray located at the bottom right of the screen, and check that one of the messages below is shown when you mouse over the icon.

  • For the blue flame icon: "Waiting for connection from control PC…"
  • For the gray flame icon: "Connect to the server"

This completes the updating steps.