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Viewer Program Updating Steps for Mobile(Windows) type

Getting Started

This page describes the steps for updating the Viewer program of "Mobile(Windows) type" (for remote deviceClick to show details) to the latest version.

*If the remote device is Phone/iPad, please update the application on App Store. If the remote device is Android device, please update the application on Play Store.


Step 1

Logon to the PC that "Mobile(Windows) type" Viewer program has been installed.

Step 2

On the Desktop or from the Start Menu, go to All Programs (or All apps), open MagicConnect2.0 Viewer and check that "MC Assist" is NOT included.

If "MC Assist" IS included on the list, the product you are using should be "Terminal Authentication type."
Please stop the procedures, and follow the steps on this page.

Step 3

Download the setup program.

Mobile(Windows) type
Latest version:7.0.r1

*The version information can be found at settings screen of viewer program.

Step 4

Execute the setup program "mcviewer20_setup.exe" you have downloaded.

Step 5

When the setup program starts, follow the instructions on the screen and proceed the setup.

Step 6

Click "Finish" when the update completion screen is shown.
Please delete "mcviewer20_setup.exe."

This completes the updating steps.