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Viewer Program Updating Steps for USB type

Getting Started

This page describes the steps for updating the Viewer program of "USB type" (for remote deviceClick to show details) to the latest version.


Step 1

Logon to the arbitrary PC with administrator privileges user.

Step 2

Insert the USB key you want to update to the PC.

*Please insert ONLY ONE USB key.

Step 3

From the Start Menu, go to Computer and open the CD drive of the USB key. Check the edition from its volume label.
For example, the volume label below shows that its edition is "NDL."

Step 4

Download the package that corresponds to the confirmed edition in Step 3.

*The version information can be found at settings screen of viewer program.

Step 5

Right click the package downloaded, and select "Extract All…."

Step 6

Double click the "mc_usb_updater_en.exe" that is inside the package you have expanded in Step 5.

Step 7

When the MagicConnect3 USB Key Update Screen is shown, click "Update."

*If you are running the program on the USB key, please finish it before this.

If MagicConnect3 USB key Update ERROR screen is shown right after it, there are mistake in the procedure.
Please deal with it according to the following table.

Error Message Primary Cause Handling
USB key can not be updated because its edition is different.
Please use the update program for "MagicConnect XXX" USB key.
The USB key edition and the package edition are different. Please redo from Step 3.

Step 8

When the update begins, its progress will be shown.

*DO NOT remove the USB key while updating.

*If the screen below is shown, please click "Cancel."

Step 9

Click "OK" when the update completion screen is shown.

Step 10

Click on the Remove icon on the task tray that is in the lower right hand corner of the screen on your PC. Select Eject CD Drive, then remove the USB key.

Step 11

Click the close mark "x" in the upper right of the screen.

This completes the updating steps.